Fortune Preschool Newsletter - Elk Grove

06/19/23 - 06/23/23


The preschoolers got a special surprise last week when a hummingbird flew across their paths while hunting bugs outside. The children were so interested in the hummingbird that they took a break from their bug journey to learn more about them. Ms. Claudette was with the when they noticed the hummingbird so she decided to spearhead the research. Something that the children learned was that hummingbirds enjoy drinking a special nectar. The children were able to join together to make some for the hummingbirds and placed it in a special feeder. Now, whenever the children go out, they look for the hummingbird feeder to see if there are any special visitors.

Nature Walk!

The children were tasked with going on a nature hunt with Ms. Vanessa. The children were each given a paper bag and asked to find things that they could collect and share about later. Some children collect sticks, rocks, and leaves with a few bugs thrown in the mix. Eventually, the children made their way to the sandbox. The children began using different sand tools to fill their bags with sand. They talked about which tools worked the best and how they could share so everyone got a turn. Towards the end of their exploration, a few of the children began to fill their bags with as mush sand as possible to see what would happen. Some bags broke while some did not. The children also took the time to see whose bag weighed the most and discussed who was the strongest. It was a wonderful trek into seeing how the children think and how varied their interests are.

How to Raise a Reader

• Read together every day and everywhere. Ask children to bring a book or two when heading to the park. 

• Think “outside the book” and read out loud. When grocery shopping, read signs and labels. Read a recipe together. Go on a scavenger hunt for sounds and letters.

• Send positive messages about the joy of reading. Make a trip to the library an adventure. 

• Reread favorites. Children love to hear their favorite stories over and over again. Capture the child’s attention by pointing to words and pictures as you read.

• Expose children to “mirror” and “window” books where they see themselves represented and also learn about different cultures and experiences. 

• Talk, talk, talk. A child’s vocabulary grows through rich conversations with others. They are really listening to you.


A few reminders:

-Sign your child in & out every day. Don't forget your Child Action attendance as well!

-Please pack three changes of clothing for your child in case of accidents

-Replace diapers/pull-ups as needed to prevent running out

-Bring in a family photo for a future project

-Take home your child's nap sack and sheet to wash on Fridays


Dates to Remember.....

 Fortune Preschool will be closed on the following days - 

-Tuesday, July 4th - Independence Day

-Wednesday, August 2nd - Friday, August 4th - Staff Development Days 

-Monday, September 4th - Labor Day


Please note that tuition is due every Monday. It is important to stay on top of your payments to prevent a lapse in care. If you have any questions or concerns about your tuition, speak with Ms. Roy sooner than later about it. The last thing that we want to do is have a child miss school and making payments on time will prevent that.