Fortune Preschool Newsletter - San Bernardino

San Bernardino Fortune Preschool Newsletter


Weekly announcements:

This week the preschoolers have been participating in water play outside. They have been exploring with our new materials different concepts like water measurements and quantity (more or less). Please make sure your child has extra clothes to change into if needed due to the high interest in our water play.


The preschoolers had the opportunity to practice their problem-solving skills. During the interaction seen in our pictures above, the preschoolers worked on building their critical thinking skills, communication and conversation skills, imagination, relationships with familiar adults and peers, persistence, attention span, math skills like measurement, quantity, and one to one correspondence, and many other areas of her development. 


*Sign your child in & out, through our QR code and Fortune Preschool Form.

*Wear your mask when dropping off & picking up your child.

* Loaner clothes are to be washed and returned.

*Nap blankets should be taken home Friday, washed and returned the following Monday.

*Please make sure your preschooler has at least 1 extra pair of clothing.

Uniforms & recyclables


Uniforms are required and can be purchased  (Purchasing all colors is NOT required) 

We ALWAYS accept recyclables and loose parts for projects and many other things are scholars will use to explore and learn! 


Dates to Remember....


Fortune Preschool will be close on the following days:

Tuesday, July 4th- Independence Day

Wednesday August 2nd- Friday August 4th- Staff Development Days