Fortune Preschool Newsletter - Elk Grove

07/10/23 - 07/14/23
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This week the children had a great time learning about new foods with Ms. Johnson. They had a chance to try different varieties of peaches, grapes, apriums, and made kale chips. Ms. Johnson, who enjoys going to farmers markets, realized that her children were adventurous eaters and wanted to expand their knowledge of fruits and vegetables. Each week, she brings in new produce for them to try with the hope that they enjoy trying a new food. 

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In case you haven't heard by now, Ms. Street's class has been infatuated with pizza! They have found books, games, and songs about pizza and cannot get enough of it. Since their interest is deep, the children and Ms. Street turned the dramatic play area into a pizza restaurant. The children regularly talk about what their favorite toppings are (macaroni and cheese), where they like to eat their pizza (at home), and how much they can eat (a lot). As part of the learning process, the children learned how to make pizza dough. They measured the ingredients, mixed up the dough and watched it rise. The next day, they were able to cut fresh herbs into the dough and talked about how it felt. Some of us are hoping that pizza making is next!


A few reminders:

-Sign your child in & out every day. Don't forget your Child Action attendance as well!

-Please pack three changes of clothing for your child in case of accidents

-Replace diapers/pull-ups as needed to prevent running out

-Take home your child's nap sack and sheet to wash on Fridays


Dates to Remember.....


 Fortune Preschool will be closed on the following days - 


-Wednesday, August 2nd - Friday, August 4th - Staff Development Days 

-Monday, September 4th - Labor Day