Fortune Preschool Newsletter - Elk Grove

September 2023 Fortune Preschool Newsletter - Elk Grove

All About Me.....


Hello everyone! Although preschool doesn't stop, we always think of September as a new beginning for the school year and look forward to doing activities that introduce the children to each other and the community. For the first week of school, the children are talking about what makes them unique and how they are alike and different. For one of their first projects, the parents became involved when Ms. Johnson assigned some homework for her class and their families. Each child, with the help of their family, will decorate a large paper cutout with items that make them unique. They should be getting returned soon, and we are excited to see how they turned out!


Meals at Preschool.....


In case you haven't noticed, the scholars eat often in preschool! This is because we are a part of a food program that mandates that children eat every two to three hours. This makes sure that the scholars have enough fuel to get through their day. In case you haven't seen our menu, the children receive breakfast, lunch, and two snacks throughout the day. They are provided with healthy, well-balanced meals that are varied and appetizing. Right now, many of the children are enjoying the pupusas that were served last week. A few of the children even asked for seconds. Another meal that they enjoy is pizza. Whether cheese or turkey pepperoni, the scholars enjoy their pizza days. Since food is so loved, and the children like to try new things, the teachers have been introducing new foods to the scholars, such as kiwi, fruit salad, and nut-free granola. So far, they have loved everything, and we look forward to trying many more healthy foods. If you have any questions about the menu or would like a copy, please reach out to Ms. Roy.

A few reminders:

-Sign your child in & out every day. Don't forget your Child Action attendance as well!

-Please pack three changes of clothing for your child in case of accidents

-Replace diapers/pull-ups as needed to prevent running out

-Bring in a family photo for a future project

-Take home your child's nap sack and sheet to wash on Fridays


Please note that tuition is due every Monday. It is important to stay on top of your payments to prevent a lapse in care. Payments not submitted by Friday at 6:00pm will incur a 10% late fee. Tuition not paid for two weeks in a row will result in care being suspended until payment is made. If you have any questions or concerns about your tuition, speak with Ms. Roy sooner than later about it. The last thing that we want to do is have a child miss school and making payments on time will prevent that.