Tuition & Enrollment Fees

Weekly tuition fees are billed every Friday for the upcoming week. Tuition payments are due on Monday. Payments not paid by Friday are considered late, and an automatic 10% late fee will be applied to your account. Accounts unpaid by the 15th of the month will require services to be terminated. Once the balance is paid, the child may return if a vacancy is available. Any remaining balances unpaid after the 30 days will be sent to collections. Acceptable payment methods include Automatic monthly withdrawal/credit card/check/debit/ money orders in the parent portal available online through our mobile app Procare. Payments made through the parent portal are easy to access, and your account will immediately reflect the amount paid. If a subsidized payment agency supports you with your tuition, it is your responsibility to ensure that your paperwork is fully complete and submitted each month. In addition, any remaining balances unpaid by the agency after 90 days will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility and subject to the payment terms.